High-quality, handmade products for your babies and fur babies.

BibbyBubby is a mama-owned, mama-made, mama-tested boutique specializing in baby goodies and dog bandanas. Each item is handmade with love while my 6 year old twins are either running around the house causing trouble or (hopefully) sleeping soundly in their beds. 

I've always been the creative type--drawing and painting as a child & earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in college--and when I became pregnant with boy/girl twins in 2011 I had a sudden itch to start sewing things for them. You'd be surprised how hard it is to sew when you're carrying 13 pounds of baby, but I really fell in love with the craft and there's no turning back now! Thankfully it's much easier to sew without two babies in my belly, though slightly more exhausting since I now have 2 kiddos running around!

BibbyBubby began in April 2012 as I discovered the magic of the baby bandana bib and desperately wanted some for my twins. None of the bibs I found fit my babies quite right, so I decided to make my own. I never imagined that I'd be opening a shop while also being a full-time work-at-home mom to 6 month old twins, but alas, it happened and here we are more than 6 years later with BibbyBubby as my full-time job.

When my customers started asking me if I could make them custom bandanas for their dogs to match their kiddos, I realized I needed to expand my products to fur babies, too! The best part of my job is that everyday I get to see pictures of cute babies and dogs wearing my products! Talk about perfect!